1. As promised, a series of images taken with the Superheadz Ultrawide and Slim camera.

    Most of the images were taken on an overcast day using cheap (£1) ISO200 film. 

    As has been mentioned before, the camera shoots at one speed - 1/120th of a second at f11 and has a wide angle lens - 22mm. What that means is it’s for outdoor use only on overcast/bright conditions.

    Using a higher ISO (400/800 etc) means you can shoot when it gets a little dark or even indoors where there’s bright lighting and gives you a wide angle of view.

    To my eye, the intense vignetting looks better in black and white than colour.

    Don’t expect too much from this camera. Use it when you want to let loose, not when you want to take serious (!) photos.

    Conclusion: I love it. Next stop, proper (?) street photography.

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