1. jayavant:


    Shoot with a Commie camera during October - Soviet or Chinese. Upload your photos to tumblr, twitter, instagram, flickr - tagged #redoktobor.

    See also flickr group

    Or at least use a Commie lens… 

    Note I have changed the preferred tag to #redoktobor to harmonise with the flickr group. jenquest please edit your reblog
  2. everylilbreath:

    Originally uploaded this to the wrong account :(

    Silly me

    The reason photography takes second place.

  3. Weymouth


  4. Just going through my Weymouth photos. A few good ones. Very, many bad ones.

    When it comes to spending time with family or trying to take the perfect photo, they win every time.

    Dammit :-)

  5. everylilbreath:

    Family trip.


    Everyone’s caught a cold… yay.

  6. Accidental portraits

  7. From when I was getting into strobism in a very big way.

  8. Dreams

    This may seem like one of those airy-fairy pretentious shots but I don’t care because it’s my airy fairy pretentious shot.

  9. Accidental portraits

  10. Coquette