1. Dreams

    This may seem like one of those airy-fairy pretentious shots but I don’t care because it’s my airy fairy pretentious shot.

  2. Accidental portraits

  3. Coquette


  4. I went out shooting with the TLR and M3. I’m not sure that was a good idea.

    For me at least, jumping from visualising scenes in square to then seeing scenes in not so square, made for a very mentally tiresome experience.

    Do others feel the same way or is it that I’m still new to it all?

  5. Cafe Zurich

  6. The World in 35mm.

  7. Accidental portraits.

    It’s not always obvious when the Flexaret hasn’t focused properly.

    I pretend it was intentional.

  8. coolgirlsshootfilm:

    I’m not a girl nor am I cool BUT I do shoot film so here’s my contribution to the coolgirlsshootfilm project.
    My favourite camera, Leica M3.
 My favourite camera strap. ‘
Exposures’ by Jane Bown which I find myself revisiting time and again.



    PS: jenquest is mighty cool despite what he says!!

    Got some camera and book photos to share? We love them! Send to strictlyfilm@gmail.com. Click here for more camera + book photos.


    Join in the fun.

  9. The postman delivered :)


  10. :(

    The Postman still hasn’t given me my negs.