1. lifeloveimagery:

    Film photographers of London. I have a large portion of Fuji Neopan 400. If anyone wants a roll or 5 (preferably 5 or more) please get in touch.

    Step right up!!!

  2. The weather was too sunny to go out shooting so I went through my archives instead.

  3. jonlisterphoto:

    I’m making a (pdf) book - autobiographical - me over the last 35 years. Everything will be subject to change: text/photographs and even the current preliminary title. I will post it as I make it and eventually the completed pdf will emerge.  These are the first 5 pages. 

    Cheers, Jon

    Follow this chap.

  4. Daily commute

  5. Museum

  7. Train Station

  9. An introduction

  10. Training day